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Genesis by appleflower24 Genesis :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 2 2 SWAG by appleflower24 SWAG :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 2 3 Human! Tavros Nitram by appleflower24 Human! Tavros Nitram :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 1 2 Alex(in wolf form) by appleflower24 Alex(in wolf form) :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 1 2 another Vextor x Alex by appleflower24 another Vextor x Alex :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 4 2 I Feel Like a Monster by appleflower24 I Feel Like a Monster :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 0 0 Victoria Vlk by appleflower24 Victoria Vlk :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 0 0 I wish to be free by appleflower24 I wish to be free :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 1 0 Hannah Mieto creepypasta oc *update* by appleflower24 Hannah Mieto creepypasta oc *update* :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 3 0
A lullaby for you
A woman stands in a lonely graveyard; in front of her was a grave, but not just any grave. It was a grave of a good friend of hers as well as her crush. He was the first person that had open her heart to the world and show her the positive things of life, and as well as her powers. She was going to tell him her feeling after he came come back from a mission, now that he is gone, she never will get her chance.
But she finally gather enough courage to come to his grave and confess her feelings and keep her promise; the promise that the both of them made to share their past to each other; He, a few weeks before his last mission, already told his; now it was her turn. The young woman stands up from kneeling in front of the grave. “I don’t know if you can hear me, but if you are please hear my confessing for I have a promise to kept.” She said in a shaky as tears threated to spill out of her stormy blue-grey eyes. “I love you, and I miss you so much, and I wish you d
:iconappleflower24:appleflower24 1 2
Art trade: Questionnaire and Alex by appleflower24 Art trade: Questionnaire and Alex :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 1 2 I missed you by appleflower24 I missed you :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 5 2 Tylea and Leo by appleflower24 Tylea and Leo :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 1 0 sketch dump by appleflower24 sketch dump :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 1 0 Creepypasta oc: Bastet reference sheet by appleflower24 Creepypasta oc: Bastet reference sheet :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 1 2 Happy birthday to you by appleflower24 Happy birthday to you :iconappleflower24:appleflower24 2 4


The Storm Is Almost Over Antisepticeye X Reader
I was out with some friends and we were about to head home. "Are you sure you don't want someone to walk you home?" My good friend Anti asks. "Yes I am sure, you should head home, Dark and his girlfriend did." I say giving him a hug and walking out the door. He sighs and looks at me with those puppy dog eyes I love. It's true I do love him, very much so, but I could never do anything like that. He is always talking about this girl he loves so much. I don't know them, but know them, so confusing. I hope she notices all the wonderful things he would do. "Sigh, Alright you can walk with me, perhaps you'd want to come in?"
I don't normally invite him in, but my boyfriend is out and wont be home. I could never tell Anti, he would probably kill Damian. Damian is my current boyfriend, he is abusive, I never told anyone, especially Anti. I love Anti more than I do Damian, I am hoping to get Anti to come in, because I wanted to talk to him anyway. We walk out of the bar, as soon we do
:iconmusickalcrayon:Musickalcrayon 53 4
My Adorable Demon (AntiSepticEye x reader)
A/N: So this maybe a little weird since I don't exactly write the best love stories. Buuuut Dark Sides part 10 made me want to do something with Anti :)
"Anti! Please I'm trying to study!" I told my 'friend' Anti. His full name was AntiSepticEye, and he was a bit of a stalker. He tilted his head to the side and smiled, showing off his razor sharp teeth
"But it's soooo fun to see you annoyed" he said draping his arm around my shoulders. I leaned back in my desk chair and sighed. I was kinda stuck with this guy until his 'time' was over. Basically here's the bottom line: Anti's a demon that has decided to stick with me, and he gets annoying...ALOT
"You know what else is fun? LETTING ME DO WELL IN SCHOOL!" I yelled
Anti flinched a little. He was DEFINITELY JackSepticEye's alter ego. He was quiet and hated making loud noises. He didn't like shouting either. He looked at his shoes shyly
"Alright I'm sorry. You just get on my nerves sometimes" I sighed
Anti looked at me and gave me a
:iconkarathegamer:KaraTheGamer 190 50
Bastion and Ganymede (commission) by AyyaSAP Bastion and Ganymede (commission) :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 2,162 50
Reach Out to Me: Homestuck x Reader
Reach Out to Me: Homestuck x Reader
by DementedxACE
"Reader: Be (f/n) (l/n)."
Well, you'll try.
Your name is (y/n), and there's been this thought in your head for a while now. It's this idea itching at your mind. A solution to the things that a hurting. It's just seems so right to you, like it's the answer. The perfect way to make the aching feeling consuming you go away.
There have been a lot of things going on recently. They aren't very good things, and you wish they'd stop. You've put in effort to try and make it stop, but it's like a domino effect. One thing happens and then something else follows it.
It probably started with your parents. They keep disappearing for weeks on end. They have great jobs to help support you, but they're always busy. They travel, or they have too much work to stay at home long. They're happy with what they're doing, so you try to support them like they do for you. That doesn't mean you don't miss when they used to
:icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 649 148
Ninja trick part 1 by zavraan Ninja trick part 1 :iconzavraan:zavraan 154 82 Overwatch - Monster Hunter McCree - Skin Concept by Red-Sinistra Overwatch - Monster Hunter McCree - Skin Concept :iconred-sinistra:Red-Sinistra 759 106 Elecman - Call-me-maybe - Parody by zavraan Elecman - Call-me-maybe - Parody :iconzavraan:zavraan 61 19 Robot Rumpus Secret Santa 2015: It's snowing by MZ15 Robot Rumpus Secret Santa 2015: It's snowing :iconmz15:MZ15 129 25 Tgk : Everyone love You by whitmoon Tgk : Everyone love You :iconwhitmoon:whitmoon 125 18 Tkk : Protoman the Prototype by whitmoon Tkk : Protoman the Prototype :iconwhitmoon:whitmoon 160 21 DRN Sibling by whitmoon DRN Sibling :iconwhitmoon:whitmoon 283 29 Genetics by Rayum Genetics :iconrayum:Rayum 202 68 Christmas in July by MewKwota Christmas in July :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 112 76 COM : Fire and Elec by whitmoon COM : Fire and Elec :iconwhitmoon:whitmoon 133 16 Hyakki Yagyo (Gaijin version) by arsetothem Hyakki Yagyo (Gaijin version) :iconarsetothem:arsetothem 37 49 Having Fun In The Sky! by arsetothem Having Fun In The Sky! :iconarsetothem:arsetothem 16 10


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I'm just a girl with a lot of attitude, imagination, and heart, I love to draw and write and to play video games, as well as reading. I'm a amateur at what I do and I hate it when I'm judge about it, I go with the flow of things and just wish to be notice, I'm not asking much. I like other people's ideas of anything I find interesting.
  \\ Λ_Λ
   \( ಠ_ಠ )  Be Fabulous
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Hi everybody that cares, I back from a huge art block. Like omg it was horrible, Jesus. So that all, not that anybody cares because I just in a little of huge site.


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